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Psilocybin Process

A guided psilocybin experience in Oregon consists of three sessions: preparation, medication administration, and integration.

During the prep session we’ll review your medical and mental health history to make sure you’re a good candidate for psilocybin. The medication is administered within a safe environment at a service center. Integration is the process of incorporating the insights from your journey into your everyday life. The prep and integration sessions can be held virtually, if needed.

The Oregon Health Authority has established standards and protocols for the psilocybin program and we’ll use several of their forms, including Informed Consent, Client Bill of Rights, and Client Information Form. These are found below under Forms.


If you’re interested in a psilocybin experience, submit your contact information and I’ll send you more details. During the prep session we review your health history to make sure psilocybin is safe for you. At this time I’ll also explain the administration session.

When you’re ready, we schedule your journey at a licensed service center. The integration session with me is held within the first few days after your journey. Your therapist (and/or other support personnel) can also be very helpful in ongoing integration in the following weeks to months, and sometimes additional medication sessions may be beneficial.

If you have health concerns, please inform your medical provider that you’re interested in psilocybin. The same goes if you see a therapist regularly – get them involved beforehand. Hopefully your care team is aware of psilocybin’s potential benefits and if not, educate them!

Psilocybin is unsafe if you take lithium or have a history of schizophrenia or psychosis.


  • Prep Session – $200
  • Medication Session – $1000
  • Integration Session – Included with above

Sliding scale pricing options are available.

Note – These fees do not include the costs of the service center or medication.

I was a psilocybin newbie and Frank was a great guide. He offered thoughtful help before, during, and after my experience. And beyond that, I found Frank to be kind and compassionate. I won’t hesitate to work with Frank again.



Visit the Oregon Health Authority website and download the Informed Consent, Client Bill of Rights, and Client Information Form. You’ll find these PDFs along with additional information under “Operational Forms for Facilitator Licensees.”

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