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About Frank Larson

Frank Larson, Psilocybin Facilitator - Oregon

I’m a licensed psilocybin facilitator who believes we all can achieve wholeness and inner freedom. In my medical career, I became skilled at listening for the nuances that make each individual unique, and I use this expertise to help the psilocybin traveler in their journey toward true transformation.

I began my career in health care when I graduated from medical school in 1987. Previously a surgeon, I’m now grateful for the opportunity to help people support their mental health through the use of plant medicines to achieve greater insight and awareness.

In 2020, I helped gather signatures to place Measure 109, the Psilocybin Services Initiative, on the Oregon ballot. I’m a member of the Central Oregon Psychedelic Society, the Psilocybin Facilitator Association, and the Psilocybin Assisted Therapy Association. I also participate in regular peer review with psilocybin facilitator colleagues.

I use a mindfulness-based approach in my facilitation work and I enjoy assisting all those drawn to plant medicines. This includes those challenged with substance use, anxiety (including end-of-life), depression, PTSD, those who feel stuck in their life, and those who desire personal growth and/or to (re)connect with spirit. I’m also honored to work with those who identify with the BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ communities.

To help further my understanding of plant medicines and healing, I’ve participated in transformative group ceremonies led by a Mazatec healer in Mexico. Through my inner work, I’ve discovered valuable connections in my life between the past and present and established priorities that help me focus on living mindfully. My free-time activities include hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, gardening, yoga, and meditation.

My goal is for your experience to be meaningful and safe. I come to this work with humility, and also respect – for the natural world and cultures that share these medicines, for our ability to connect with our inner healer, and for our potential to achieve inner freedom.

“After my wife’s passing in 2022 I became immersed in, what I call, a gauntlet of grief. Suffice to say, mind/body manifestations of this complicated grief were debilitating for me while I pursued grief counseling, extensive reading, and countless YouTube and TED Talk videos. Although I intellectually evolved in my understanding of grief I had reached an impasse with an ability to align my spiritual connection with my deceased wife with my conscious debilitating ruminations and inability to realize self-forgiveness.

Although I casually heard about the potential benefits of psychedelics for depression, substance addictions and more, it wasn’t until I searched peer review healthcare journals to realize that a psilocybin experience may help me bridge my impasse and hopefully align my spiritual awareness by overcoming ruminations and hopefully achieving self-forgiveness. Although my psilocybin journey profoundly transformed and healed my psyche, it would be overly simplistic and even disingenuous to attribute this simply to the “mushroom.” If it wasn’t for the hours of preparation with Frank and his nonjudgmental, sincere and compassionate guidance to know about me and help me determine my journey intentions, the psilocybin experience would have been nothing more than a recreational “trip.”

During the hours of my psilocybin experience Frank was with me with, once again, mindfulness and support. Days later we met for an integration session as I described my experience, transformation and affirmations. As during the preparation sessions, Frank was nonjudgmental and embraced my journey and expressed his own joy about my attainments. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of psilocybin experience preparation and thank Frank Larson for guiding me on this journey.”