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Psilocybin Experience Facilitation
Frank Larson, MD, Oregon Licensed Facilitator
Bend, Oregon

Are you challenged with depression, anxiety, substance use, or PTSD?


Psilocybin has been shown in multiple studies to benefit people with these conditions, including end-of-life anxiety. Even though you may not suffer from any of the above, you may still feel stuck in some area of your life. Psilocybin can help here, also, through its ability to remove or diminish limiting thought patterns.

Medical studies including functional MRI’s have established that psilocybin promotes neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to form new neuronal networks. New connections between the neurons in your brain can help you change unwanted behaviors and unhealthy thought patterns. Psilocybin appears to rewire your brain the same way you would in the act of learning new skills – a psilocybin journey simply seems to amplify the process.

In Oregon, a mental health diagnosis is not required to seek a psilocybin experience.

Frank Larson’s non-directive approach created an environment of complete trust and freedom. He allowed me to navigate my inner landscape autonomously, without imposition or expectation. This empowered me to delve into profound insights and revelations, fostering a deep sense of self-discovery and personal growth. Frank embodies the true essence of facilitation, allowing individuals to unfold their unique journey with grace and authenticity.

Curious to learn how psilocybin can improve your well being?